sq. feet   / each mowing

4,000-8,000   $25.00

8,000-12,000 $30.00

12,000-16,000 $35.00

16,000-24,000 $40.00

24,000-34,000 $45.00

34,000-44,000 $50.00

Our lawn mowing service includes edging and blowing all debris off hard surfaces.

If unsure of your square footage go to Montgomery or Warren County auditor website. Or give us a call at 937-321-7784.    Please note this is only an estimate certain lawns may be more or less depending on terrain such as hills or limited access due to gates( less than 36 inches wide), detached garage, large patios wooded lots etc. We will come out and give you an exact price free of charge. Prices do not include sales tax.

Billing is done by mail every 2 weeks you can choose your billing date of either the first of the month or the 15th, payment is due before your next scheduled mowing.